One of the greatest things about being a stay at home mom is the ability to be spontaneous. The kids were asking what we were going to do after swim lessons. It was a beautiful day and I knew I wanted to get outside. My little one suggested we have a picnic, which I thought was a fabulous idea.

We went home and packed a lunch and headed out to our favorite park. These are the moments when I’m so thankful I was able to quit my job and spend more time with my kids. I was feeling very grateful for the lovely weather, the good food and the great company.

Sausage Toes

My three year old is quite the character. She loves to have a good time. She’s super outgoing and will do anything for a laugh. 

Tonight I had to leave the dining room to grab something in the kitchen. I came back twenty seconds later to find my daughter had stuffed sausages in between all her toes.

I know I should have been outraged and disgusted but I couldn’t help laughing. Of course, I had to tell her that wasn’t appropriate behavior and I had to act all mom-like. Inside, I was thinking about how much fun she’s going to be in college and how she is going to be the crazy friend-the type I always gravitated toward. She definitely keeps things interesting around our house.

The news

The dog woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and that set the day off on a bad note. Everything seemed to be going wrong and then I turned on the news.

Once again there was another mass shooting. This time it was the largest. At this point 50 people have died with just as many injured.

All my problems went away. I realized waking up early with a dog is no big deal. Hundreds of families were waking up to hear the most awful news. My heart goes out to them.

This type of news always depresses me. It has become a common occurrence. There appears to be no end in sight to these mass shootings. I can’t even watch the coverage any more. I can’t stomach that kind of evil.

Part of the reason I created this blog was to showcase the good in this world. Whenever I hear some senseless news like this, it makes me want to do good. I know I’m only one person but small acts can have a large impact. 

Look at all the people lined up to give blood to the victims. During these senseless tragedies there are always helpers. There are always those who step up. There is always good in the world but sometimes it’s really difficult to find it. Keep looking. Keep doing good. Keep fighting the evil. I refuse to let them win.

Swim Lessons

Today was day number two for swim lessons. Yesterday, it was sunny and 80 degrees at 9:00 a.m. Today, it was 58 degrees and cloudy-not good weather for outdoor swim lessons.

I remember taking swim lessons when I was about five in Wisconsin in early June. I remember how cold it was and how much I feared the water.

My 3 year old is fearless and loves the water but my 6 year old son is more like I was-a bit more hesitant and fearful of swimming. 

Yesterday, was a bit rough for him in the beginning of class but he was trying everything the teacher asked. Today the teacher said he did awesome. He dunked his head underwater and swam by himself.

To most parents this wouldn’t be a big deal. For my kid it’s huge. One of the greatest things about him is that even when he’s scared of something, he’ll always try it. It may take him awhile but he will do it. I hope he always keeps this attitude through life.

My Little Writer

My son was always taking about Pixie software that his school used in the computer labs. He’d come home with all these cool drawings so I decided to see if we could download the software at home. Luckily, we now have a 30 day trial.

My son wakes up in the morning and goes to the computer and creates all these stories. My three year old even helps him.  I love to see him spelling all the words himself and coming up with crazy story lines. If I had this as a kid I would have created hundreds of books.

Here’s the cover of the latest book he created called, “The Ginormous Giants.” He’s going to have a lot of fun with this during summer vacation.

Where’s Waldo

We had some friends over for an impromptu grill out. I decided to go for a beer run to Binny’s. As I was leaving the store, a man was walking towards me. As he came closer I started to crack up. We were both wearing red and white striped shirts and jean shorts. It reminded me of something Waldo might wear in the summer. Although, he did look a bit more stylish in his clothing, which wasn’t too funny.

Bad Morning

I had a great night sleep last night but I woke up to my husband saying our dog was sick. Her crate was entirely covered in poop. It’s difficult enough trying to get two kids ready by 7:30 but add a sick dog and the day did not start well.

My husband always remains calm in these types of situations. I don’t do too well when anyone is sick. It’s just not one of my strengths. In fact, I kind of turn into a basket case lunatic. Luckily, he cleaned up the crate and the floor and then came and helped me bathe the dog since I wasn’t doing too well all by myself.

I’m always thankful for my husband’s patience and his willingness to deal with some of the shitty stuff in life. Not many people would count this as a “great thing” to highlight but I recognize it’s wonderful to have someone who can be strong and get stuff done when the situation is awful. Hopefully the pooch will be feeling better and we won’t be waking up to more surprises tomorrow.

Everything is Okay

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I let my mind wander. I started to think about someone I’m missing very much. My thoughts became sadder and sadder. Soon, I was crying and I had a difficult time stopping. My daughter was in the living room watching a Pink Panther cartoon.

I realized I need to pull myself together and begin the day. I wiped the tears away and went into the living room. My daughter was laughing her head off but she noticed I had some tears on my cheeks. She came over to me with a serious look on her face and asked, “Mom, why are crying?” I tried to tell her there was something in my eye but she didn’t believe that. She said, “Mom, are you sad because you’re missing someone?”

It was strange. It was like she could see what was going on in my head. She just turned three years old a few months ago but she’s so receptive to feelings and always has been. But how could she possibly know this?

She put her little hand on my leg and said, “It’s going to be okay, mom.” At that moment, I pictured the person I was missing. He was watching what just occurred and he was smiling. Sometimes kids are the best way to keep your spirits up. Everything will be okay.