Good Health

For the past couple of days my son was sick. On Thursday, he woke up with a high fever and was feeling pretty awful. He always gets these incredibly high fevers and they almost always turn into some kind of infection. Then, a couple days later his sister usually gets sick.

This time was the first time his fever went away by itself without any antibiotics. His sister seems healthy – I’m cautiously optimistic.

Having sick kids is the worst part about parenting. I often feel helpless and second guess decisions. Do I need to take my child to the doctor? Do we need to go to the emergency room? What if he gets worse? Then, I always feel guilty about the child who is well. They don’t get much attention and it’s tough to be cooped up in the house all day.

But I always force myself to think of the positive, even when it’s so difficult. Our family has health insurance. We have a wonderful doctor who employs wonderful nurses. We have access to medicine to make our children feel better. I am extremely grateful my child is feeling better today. I hear him fighting with his sister right now so I know he’s on the road to recovery.


My dog graduated from obedience school. She just barely passed her test but she’s come a long way. She didn’t “leave it” during the test. She managed to eat all the bones that were used as tasty decoys. She did sit, lay down and stayed in one place. You go girl! Here is proof she graduated. She just loved wearing the graduation cap.

College Reunion 

Every summer my husband and I try to get together with our college friends. Since my husband and I were good friends before we started dating we have almost the same group of college friends. Yesterday, about seven families were able to attend the local horse races.

I feel so fortunate that we have remained in touch with our friends. Although we don’t see them as much as I’d like to, we always pick right up where we left off. The dynamic of these parties has changed quite a bit as more kids are added to the mix every year but it’s always a great time. I look forward to this party every year and catching up with good friends.

Flying Solo

I’ve been feeling a bit edgy these last few days and I know the reason why. I haven’t had a moment to myself for the last two weeks. I love spending time with my kids but I’m one of those people that likes and needs time to myself. If I don’t get it, I turn into a crazy lady.

My mother-in-law offered to take the kids all day and have them spend the night. I was pretty excited to have the whole day to myself. The kids were excited to spend the day with grandma. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I got a ton of errands done, I painted some things in our house, did laundry, went to the library and got a new book and watched a little bit of tv. The hubby and I are even going out to dinner tonight.

I feel relaxed and like a new woman. Thank goodness for grandparents.

Kindness of Strangers 

I took the kids to the grocery store this morning. If I may be frank, I’ll let you know I hate grocery shopping. I think it all began in college when I had to ride a city bus for 40 minutes to the closest store and then schlep all the bags back up three flights to my apartment. 

I own a car now, which makes things easier but bringing two kids along isn’t always the most fun either. My kids are very good in the store but I have to say “no, we can’t buy that”, at least ten times per trip.

As I was checking out an elderly gentleman behind me asked the cashier what my total bill was. The man handed the cashier a $10 off coupon and told him to use it towards my groceries. He said his bill wouldn’t be high enough to use the coupon. 

I was very thankful for this kind gentleman’s offer. With only one salary in our family I’m always looking for ways to save money so his coupon was useful. His gesture was the highlight of my day and it was something so simple. Perhaps you could make someone else’s day by doing a simple gesture. Thank you kind sir!

A Brighter Day

Today has been a much better day than yesterday just like I knew it would be. I took the kiddos swimming and we all had a good time. I have no idea why I was in such a bad mood yesterday and why I’m in better spirits today but I’m glad.

My 6 year old just walked into the room and asked me what the word “fuck” means.  He heard someone say it on his YouTube kids app. I had to go into the family room and do some hard core explaining. I thought I was just taking 5 minutes to write a post. Every day is an adventure around here. Yikes!

Monday Blues

So the weekend was really fun. We went to a wedding reception for my cousin and almost my entire extended family was there. My kids had fun playing with distant relatives and dancing. They are at an age now where I can actually converse with family. On Sunday we were able to celebrate Father’s Day with both sides of the family.

Today, I woke up in a bad mood. There is no particular reason – I’m just in a mood. Things that would normally not bother me are putting me over the edge. My patience is short and then I feel guilty for the way I feel. 

On days like this, the greatest thing I can do is take a breath and remind myself of the good in my life. Not every day will be good but overall, my life is good. Tomorrow will be better because it usually is.

Car Wash

The neighbor kids set up a car wash this morning. I decided to go over there to see how business was going. In the two hours they were outside they had zero customers.

They wanted to wash a car so bad so I went home and got my car. They were so excited to get some business. They charged me one dollar but I gave each kid a dollar. 

Granted, it definitely looked like a one dollar car wash but that wasn’t the point. I remember setting up lemonade stands as a kid. I remember how excited I would be to get customers. I was happy to make some neighbor kids happy today.


I took the kids to a program at the library. I knew a conservation was going to be showing animals. I figured there would be birds and rodents and maybe some foxes. I didn’t expect to see chinchillas, armadillos and sloths. I didn’t expect we’d get to pet all the animals either. So, I touched a sloth today. I can cross that one of the bucket list now.