Good Health

For the past couple of days my son was sick. On Thursday, he woke up with a high fever and was feeling pretty awful. He always gets these incredibly high fevers and they almost always turn into some kind of infection. Then, a couple days later his sister usually gets sick.

This time was the first time his fever went away by itself without any antibiotics. His sister seems healthy – I’m cautiously optimistic.

Having sick kids is the worst part about parenting. I often feel helpless and second guess decisions. Do I need to take my child to the doctor? Do we need to go to the emergency room? What if he gets worse? Then, I always feel guilty about the child who is well. They don’t get much attention and it’s tough to be cooped up in the house all day.

But I always force myself to think of the positive, even when it’s so difficult. Our family has health insurance. We have a wonderful doctor who employs wonderful nurses. We have access to medicine to make our children feel better. I am extremely grateful my child is feeling better today. I hear him fighting with his sister right now so I know he’s on the road to recovery.

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