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I love to read. I was an avid reader as a child. When I went to college, any reading I did was required. Years after college I was too busy working and having fun to read much. Then, came marriage and kids. Reading with two little kids just wasn’t possible in my world. At the end of the day, I chose sleep over reading.

Now, my kids are a bit older and are becoming more independent. I finally have time to read and I am so happy. I do enjoy some of the popular books but I’m into reading non-fiction. I found an article about books librarians recommended and “Swimming to Antarctica” by Lynne Cox was one of those books.

It’s a tale about a woman who set dozens of records for long distance swimming all around the world. Just reading about some of her excursions gave me anxiety. But she had such determination and always remained positive even when she encountered  life threatening obstacles. Through one of her swims, the Russia and United States border was able to be opened for the first time in years, which helped open communication between the two countries. 

Reading books like this gives me inspiration. I never want to swim in 40 degree water for miles but we as humans are capable of so much if we adopt the right attitude and work hard. Lynne is amazing and inspiring. After reading this book I feel like I am capable of much more and I think that’s a good feeling to have.

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