Different is Good

This year’s election is over and most of you know the Democrats captured the house, while the Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate. The U.S. seems divided in its political beliefs and the results of the election prove that’s true.¬† As I walked my dog and thought about the election results, a children’s poem called¬†Different popped into my head:

Wouldn’t it be great if we all were the same? With identical clothes and only one name?

Hey you like chocolate? Wow, I do too! But I don’t like opera at all, do you?

We would have so much fun if we all were alike. You wanna go play? Hey, I have that bike!

And that toy and that hat and that baseball card. And that same tree house in my backyard.

But wait a minute, there’s something wrong. If we were all the same, would we all get along?

Would we if we had the same dreams and emotions? Or miss all the good that comes out of commotion?

We’d never learn about anything new, if we only picked red but never picked blue.

The lesson here is that different is good. So if you’re feeling different, remember, you should.

Of course, the poem was meant to celebrate the differences in children but it’s message could tie into our divided country. For me, I will never tolerate hatred or discrimination to single out those who are “different” and I have no tolerance for those who do. But perhaps, I need to be willing to listen to a different story, one that is much different from my own. I teach my children to be accepting of everyone but do I always follow that same rule?

There is lots of commotion in the world right now. At times, it feels overwhelming and scary. For now, I’m trying to remain positive about our countries differences and hope our government can work together for its citizens best interests.

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