Different is Good

This year’s election is over and most of you know the Democrats captured the house, while the Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate. The U.S. seems divided in its political beliefs and the results of the election prove that’s true.  As I walked my dog and thought about the election results, a children’s poem called Different popped into my head:

Wouldn’t it be great if we all were the same? With identical clothes and only one name?

Hey you like chocolate? Wow, I do too! But I don’t like opera at all, do you?

We would have so much fun if we all were alike. You wanna go play? Hey, I have that bike!

And that toy and that hat and that baseball card. And that same tree house in my backyard.

But wait a minute, there’s something wrong. If we were all the same, would we all get along?

Would we if we had the same dreams and emotions? Or miss all the good that comes out of commotion?

We’d never learn about anything new, if we only picked red but never picked blue.

The lesson here is that different is good. So if you’re feeling different, remember, you should.

Of course, the poem was meant to celebrate the differences in children but it’s message could tie into our divided country. For me, I will never tolerate hatred or discrimination to single out those who are “different” and I have no tolerance for those who do. But perhaps, I need to be willing to listen to a different story, one that is much different from my own. I teach my children to be accepting of everyone but do I always follow that same rule?

There is lots of commotion in the world right now. At times, it feels overwhelming and scary. For now, I’m trying to remain positive about our countries differences and hope our government can work together for its citizens best interests.


Some anniversaries are good and some are difficult. Today was a rough day. Two years ago our family lost someone very special. Sometimes it feel like it’s been much shorter than two years but other times, it feel like ages have passed.

I read a book last year and jotted down a couple of lines that I identified with around the idea of death.

“The dead are past our help, though it’s hard, sometime, to live without them. They take a piece of us with them when they leave, and we must learn to live reduced. We must live and let the dead be dead.”

The last line seems a bit callous but I completely agree with the statement. As difficult as it is to move on after the death of someone, it’s absolutely imperative that we do. Life is definitely reduced in happiness and joy but I have been trying to live to the fullest and appreciate all the blessings and people who are in my life. 

Road Trip

We survived an eight hour trip in the car. With all the bathroom, gas and food stops it took us about eleven hours. It was a long day but the kids did great. I am glad to be home but am exhausted. A day of traveling with kids is just as exhausting as an action packed, non-stop day. 

I’m so thankful I was able to spend time with my parents, my sister and her family and my husband and kids. I would have loved one more day but I’m thankful for the time we had.

Fortunate Reminders

It’s been raining a lot these last two days. We’ve been couped up inside and we’re getting a bit stir crazy. Even the dog was a bit nuts. We got so much rain yesterday that the basement window wells started to leak and we got water in the basement. 

I was getting a little upset this afternoon and then my son said something to change my attitude. He was in the middle of running laps in our house and he sat down next to me and said, “Aren’t we lucky to have a house that keeps us dry when it rains?”

His simple comment put everything in perspective. Yes, we are extremely lucky to have a house and we have so much more to be thankful for. I often take everything I have for granted but his sweet comment reminded me that I was focusing on the wrong things. Instead of focusing on my blessings I was focusing on minor annoyances. 

At that point, my whole outlook changed. I decided to be thankful and change my train of thought. Food, shelter, family, friends are abundant in my life. I won’t let a little rain bring me down.


Sometimes after being married for quite some time you feel like you know everything about your spouse. Every once in a great while though, you learn an interesting nugget of information. Like the fact that your 38 year old spouse has never watched one episode of Friends. Not one. Ever. 

It’s good to know there are still some surprises in our marriage. Maybe we should watch one episode to see how he likes it.


While the kids and I were running some errands, the song Peg, by Steely Dan came on the radio. I know this song is a bit cheesy but I’ve always had a huge soft spot for it.

My son asked what the weird song was and told me it was terrible. He asked if I’d turn on his favorite station. No way! I only hear this song every once in awhile. Instead of turning the station, I turned the volume up. My son was getting more annoying with his protests.

I can remember my mom listening to music I didn’t like and being annoyed so I guess it’s come full circle. Sorry-Steely Dan will always win in my book. When you have children you can annoy them with your own music choices.

He Wants Another Baby

So my son is hinting around about me having another baby. This is a conversation we had about that topic yesterday:

Son – “Mom, you’ll be able to keep playing outside and I can stay inside and play with the baby.

Me – “What baby are we talking about?”

Son – “The one I’m going to buy on the internet-probably on Amazon. Maybe I could even pick one up at a hotel.”

Good book

I love to read. I was an avid reader as a child. When I went to college, any reading I did was required. Years after college I was too busy working and having fun to read much. Then, came marriage and kids. Reading with two little kids just wasn’t possible in my world. At the end of the day, I chose sleep over reading.

Now, my kids are a bit older and are becoming more independent. I finally have time to read and I am so happy. I do enjoy some of the popular books but I’m into reading non-fiction. I found an article about books librarians recommended and “Swimming to Antarctica” by Lynne Cox was one of those books.

It’s a tale about a woman who set dozens of records for long distance swimming all around the world. Just reading about some of her excursions gave me anxiety. But she had such determination and always remained positive even when she encountered  life threatening obstacles. Through one of her swims, the Russia and United States border was able to be opened for the first time in years, which helped open communication between the two countries. 

Reading books like this gives me inspiration. I never want to swim in 40 degree water for miles but we as humans are capable of so much if we adopt the right attitude and work hard. Lynne is amazing and inspiring. After reading this book I feel like I am capable of much more and I think that’s a good feeling to have.