Some anniversaries are good and some are difficult. Today was a rough day. Two years ago our family lost someone very special. Sometimes it feel like it’s been much shorter than two years but other times, it feel like ages have passed.

I read a book last year and jotted down a couple of lines that I identified with around the idea of death.

“The dead are past our help, though it’s hard, sometime, to live without them. They take a piece of us with them when they leave, and we must learn to live reduced. We must live and let the dead be dead.”

The last line seems a bit callous but I completely agree with the statement. As difficult as it is to move on after the death of someone, it’s absolutely imperative that we do. Life is definitely reduced in happiness and joy but I have been trying to live to the fullest and appreciate all the blessings and people who are in my life. 

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