Kindness of Strangers 

I took the kids to the grocery store this morning. If I may be frank, I’ll let you know I hate grocery shopping. I think it all began in college when I had to ride a city bus for 40 minutes to the closest store and then schlep all the bags back up three flights to my apartment. 

I own a car now, which makes things easier but bringing two kids along isn’t always the most fun either. My kids are very good in the store but I have to say “no, we can’t buy that”, at least ten times per trip.

As I was checking out an elderly gentleman behind me asked the cashier what my total bill was. The man handed the cashier a $10 off coupon and told him to use it towards my groceries. He said his bill wouldn’t be high enough to use the coupon. 

I was very thankful for this kind gentleman’s offer. With only one salary in our family I’m always looking for ways to save money so his coupon was useful. His gesture was the highlight of my day and it was something so simple. Perhaps you could make someone else’s day by doing a simple gesture. Thank you kind sir!

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